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I believe the stories we tell define us.

They make us who we are as individuals and as a community. In telling, we affirm the lessons we've learned. In listening, we deepen our connections to those around us.

You’ve got a million stories. I can help you tell them.

I help individuals, companies and communities develop authentic stories that communicate identities, values, goals and skills.

That’s a fancy way of saying, I listen and you talk.

Then I ask a million questions, and then you talk some more. When all the listening and talking is over, you’ve got a story perfectly matched to your identity, the needs of your audience and the tone the occasion demands.


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What I do

What I do

i can help you identify core narratives, shape story arcs and develop a compelling delivery style, resulting in great stories memorably shared.

Via phone and in-person coaching, as well as through emails, a teller identifies, shapes and practices a story. This is a structured, multi-step process that enables an individual to quickly target a story idea and begin documenting it. It unfolds at the pace set by the teller with consistent check-ins from the coach.

i specialize in true, first-person stories for all occasions.

Corporate narrative development

  • The workplace needs great stories to communicate complicated ideas clearly. I can help you identify key narratives, from mentorship stories, to origin stories to overcoming-failure stories to help you express your goals and values.

TED Talk presentation coaching

  • The most effective TED Talks are the ones that sound least like a TED Talk, even with the slide show. I can help you shape a narrative that meets the needs of the audience, and the tone of the night, while retaining your own sense of charm and wit so your talk is the most compelling.

Personal or intimate-occasion story shaping

  • Wedding toasts, birthday roasts, funeral remembrances or retirement farewells – life is filled with moments that require the right words at the right time. I can help you sift through years of memories – and complex emotions – to create a succinct, authentic story that suits the occasion.

Toasts and after-dinner remarks

  • You want to be funny and breezy, timely and clever, but you also want to be memorable and remarkable. I can help you put together a story, or set of stories, that will delight and entertain with a light touch.

Keynote story shaping

  •  I can help you shape a story that’s got the right message, tone and length to suit your keynote speaking opportunity. I can help you develop a narrative that has enough vulnerability to be compelling, enough surprise to be entertaining and enough polish to be inspiring. 

Emcee coaching

  • I can help you develop your own style as an emcee. I offer specific, practical Do’s and Don’t’s, and help you identify the event’s goals and tone, as well as your own priorities. This is scalable depending on whether nights are hosted by one person or several.

Group storytelling concert coaching/facilitation

  •  I will work with your organization to develop best practices for true, first-person telling, focusing on empathy, truth and emotional safety for tellers and audience members.

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my approach

my approach

I partner with individuals to help them identify, outline, practice and deliver a meaningful, first-person story to achieve a specific goal with a specific audience.

I do this over a series of emails and conversations in-person, via Skype or FaceTime, or just over the phone to deliver a targeted, comprehensive and emotionally responsive coaching experience that can be tailored to meet a range of communications goals.

I guarantee each client gets emotionally supportive and personally paced guidance, ensuring each teller is prepared to share a story that will, in turns, inspire, entertain or move their audience.

I consistently evaluate milestones, and touch base on personal progress to ensure each client’s satisfaction with their own work.

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About me

About me

i believe true, first-person stories can change communities, inspire actions and entertain audiences.

As a storytelling consultant, I work with you to illuminate the deeper truths and universal values that are at the heart of all your most important stories. I help you create emotional shifts - moments of joy, catharsis or realization in your audiences.

I take pride in the credibility and trust I’ve earned with both tellers and audience members. I’ve workshopped notables from professional athletes and team presidents to activists, entrepreneurs and CEOs. I am compassionate, trustworthy, professional and accountable. I pride myself on sensitivity, thoroughness and professionalism.

I love listening.

my values

Everyone has a story to tell. And everyone can tell a story.  

  •  Shy or outgoing. Charismatic or kinda awkward. It doesn’t matter. If you’re self-aware, and willing to open yourself to the process, I can help anyone tell the right story at the right time.

Vulnerability is awesome

  • It’s the key to telling stories that resonate, and that transform both tellers and listeners. Nothing good happens without them, in stories, or in life.

Trust your gut. We’ll trust ours.

  • You know what’s best for you, and when and what you’re ready to share. And if you don’t, no worries. I can help with that, too. Years of workshopping all kinds of people has helped me figure out how to set boundaries, and when to push them.


Be honest. Be direct.

  • I believe in being plainspoken and clear. I believe almost nothing is personal. I’ll be straight with you, and you’ll be straight with me.

Empathy and compassion are the keys to great communication.

  •  I believe that when you put the feelings of your listeners - be they clients or employees or friends - first, you will always get your message across.

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