Stories to Watch


Stories to Watch


Nightlife Guide: Phoenix, Scottsdale

I take you on a drinking tour – from back-door-entrance steak joints to hipster wine bars to velvet-roped hip-hop clubs

Arizona Storytellers Project

Watch me explain on TV the series of live storytelling nights I founded



How getting backstage changed me

I thought, “If I can make out with the bassist from the Ben Folds Five…”

An almost-tree house makeout

You can’t go home again, at least not to do that

No eHarmony in Megan’s love life

How I tried to use The Arizona Republic to get a date, and a story

“Pretty soon for a visit, eh?”

How the Royal Canadian Mounted Police impugned my morals

The Santa Bear sweater

How a Fifth Grade fashion show outfit turned into a holiday tradition

“Will you bare-knuckle box?”

How casual racism and cultural identity led to an epiphany about the Irish

The well-meaning mentor

How I’ve been wrong, awkward and misguided while mentoring Lorena… and how she seems to be fine anyway

“I want D-O-W-N!”

Why loving my twin means having to ski, hike and rock climb