i believe true, first-person stories can change communities, inspire actions and entertain audiences.

As a storytelling consultant, I work with you to illuminate the deeper truths and universal values that are at the heart of all your most important stories. I help you create emotional shifts - moments of joy, catharsis or realization in your audiences.

I take pride in the credibility and trust I’ve earned with both tellers and audience members. I’ve workshopped notables from professional athletes and team presidents to activists, entrepreneurs and CEOs. I am compassionate, trustworthy, professional and accountable. I pride myself on sensitivity, thoroughness and professionalism.

I love listening.

my values

Everyone has a story to tell. And everyone can tell a story.  

  •  Shy or outgoing. Charismatic or kinda awkward. It doesn’t matter. If you’re self-aware, and willing to open yourself to the process, I can help anyone tell the right story at the right time.

Vulnerability is awesome

  • It’s the key to telling stories that resonate, and that transform both tellers and listeners. Nothing good happens without them, in stories, or in life.

Trust your gut. We’ll trust ours.

  • You know what’s best for you, and when and what you’re ready to share. And if you don’t, no worries. I can help with that, too. Years of workshopping all kinds of people has helped me figure out how to set boundaries, and when to push them.


Be honest. Be direct.

  • I believe in being plainspoken and clear. I believe almost nothing is personal. I’ll be straight with you, and you’ll be straight with me.

Empathy and compassion are the keys to great communication.

  •  I believe that when you put the feelings of your listeners - be they clients or employees or friends - first, you will always get your message across.

Above photo by Dave Seibert/The Arizona Republic